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There’s an Incredibly Creepy Application That Brings Your Pictures to Life – Motion Portrait

I hang out on Instagram a lot. I wanted to talk a little bit about my Instagram account but then I decided to talk about Motion Portrait which I’ve seen a lot on Instagram lately. I quite like it. It’s a bit creepy but at the same time it’s very charming.

Motion Portrait is an app you can bring your illustrations to life with. I think in fact it was meant for photos but very soon illustrators figured out it works perfectly with their illustrated portraits. So whenever I’m scrolling through my Instagram feed I can see all these amazing moving paintings. Just imagine you painted or drew a portrait and then you actually see what this “person” looks like alive. The head moves around, the eyes open and close and sometimes you can even see a smile. Below are a few examples. Make sure you click play since videos don’t show automatically.

Because the portraits really come to life and they were meant to be still forever. Have a look at the awesome examples below. If you try out the app leave a link in the comments so I can check it out.

App Info

MotionPortrait is an app that allows users to transform themselves into a realistic-looking 3D avatar by simply taking a facial photo.
They can talk to the avatar, and it will repeat their words. They can also add hairstyles, glasses, and moustaches of their choice, from a large collection.
The avatar moves and reacts when the user taps or drags his/her finger on the phone’s screen. Images and videos of the customized 3D avatar can be stored on mobile phones and shared with friends, via e-mail, Twitter, and Facebook.

You can download it here: Google Play/App Store

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Harry D (@msinfaith)'in paylaştığı bir gönderi ()

More experiments with bringing #strangedolls to life. #BleedingNun says hi.

beth robinson (@strangedolls)'in paylaştığı bir gönderi ()

an app that brings paintings to life 😳 – #motionportrait #art #oil #painting #portrait #practice

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Godmorgen 😳😄 #motionportrait #art #stinagruberoy

Contemporary Art – Stina Grube (@stinagruberoy)'in paylaştığı bir gönderi ()

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