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There is No Standard of Beauty – Extraordinary

Women’s activist hypothesis places that despite the fact that there are organic contrasts amongst men and ladies, culture and societal desires drive sexual orientation parts and how they are conceptualized for both genders. There is extraordinary pressure for ladies today to satisfy and keep up benchmarks of excellence put forward by the media and mechanical and surgical advances. This has made farfetched guidelines of magnificence for ladies contrasted with men, that was conceptualized diversely in other eras and societies. I picked this point because it is a growing area of concern for the future.


I think that such a restriction is wrong. All people are beautiful. And beauty is a relative concept. For example, you can like blue eyed people but i can like brown eyed people. We can expand it in many ways. This is proof that there is no standard of beauty. This is exactly what I want to emphasize in this artwork. When we look at the details; facial bones, nose, eyes, lips… look rough. But if we look from a little bit distance the whole picture, we see a charming person. At least that’s what I see. I wanted to show that, even when it digress the standard of beauty, she/ he can still be beautiful and attractive as a whole.


Remember, body ideals are nothing but a trend. We should just embrace our natural beauty. If we could all wake up, accept ourselves as we are and just be healthy, that would be great. You are beautiful as you are, be yourself!

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She is a young artist and designer. She writes articles about different topics. She also writes stories about her own artworks. Art is passion for her. The majority of her dreams are about art. She wants to be a world-famous painter.

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