The Church of Cambazlı and Hagia Thekla (Aya Thekla)

The Church of Cambazlı

Another impressive site with its church and rock graves in the Cambazlı ruins, which is near the village of Huseyinler when you are traveling from Erdemli/ Mersin/ Turkey. On the Silifke – Uzuncaburç road, when you turn right at the village of Keşlitürkmenli the road will take you to the ruins. After visiting Uzuncaburç, if you take the Ura – yeğenli road you still find yourself at the cambazlı ruins.

When you pass through the village and turn left. You will see the rock graves at the rocky area facing you. Rock graves and monumental tombs are also found in the village. But the most striking building the church that will catch your eye immediately after your pass thrpugh the village. It is impressive even at first look. All its walls are intact. It stands there in its historic grandeur. When you enter it, you will be even more impressed.

Hagia Thekla (Aya Thekla)

Aya Thekla, one of the the earliest centers of Christianity is in the 5th kilometers south of the town center of Silifke/ Mersin/ Turkey. The transportation is possible by means of the ancient road that is 1.5 kilometers away from the town center.

Initially she lived in a natural cave which is known as an underground sanctuary in our day. Aside from this underground sanctuary, the city holds three-naved Thekla Church (460-470) built after the Saint’s death, Arched Church (Zenon Church), covered cisterns, bath structure, North Church, a necropolis area and a sacred road.

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