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Suggestions for Healthier Nails

So you want your nails to look beautiful and brilliant? You want to make them look healthy and not fungus looking and at least good to look at? Read this article to get the good looking nails.

Nails are breaking, if the nails remain without vitamins. So you should feed healthy first. You can eat variety of nuts. Nuts are rich in terms of vitamins and minerals. You can use supplemental vitamins, if necessary.

? Healthy nails look better than polished nails. So you should give up nail polishes sometimes. Our nails need breathing. Let them breathing.

? Even if you use nail polishes, apply only one coat. It is better than more coats.

? Keep your hands/ feet clean. Do not wear the same socks for a long time.

? Pamper yourself. Your hands and feet need relaxing. Do spa days routine. Add some essential oils to your hand bath/ foot bath. Or you can use cosmetic products manufactured for it. Your choice. Use hand/ foot scrub. Remove from dead skin.

? Use nail food. You can buy cosmetic products made for this. Or you can use essential oils found in your home. Massage to your fingernails with those oils. Wear your gloves/ socks and sleep. I’m sure you will wake up in peace.

? Make manicure/ pedicure regularly. And be careful when you cut your fingernails. Don’t cut them deeply. It can cause bleeding.

? Do not eat your fingernails.

? Use gloves when doing some house works. For example when washing dishes.

? Moisturize your nails daily.

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