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Suggestions for Beginners to Sell on Etsy – How to Open a Shop on Etsy

Etsy is one of the world’s most popular ecommerce websites. Etsy is a place where artworks, unique handmade products and vintage goods are sold. Anyone who wants can be a seller or buyer. There are some things you should know before you start, if you want to open a shop on Etsy. Believe me, if you follow the right path, Etsy can make you reach big masses.

First you need to have an Etsy account. You should click on ‘Open your Etsy shop’ button after passing this step.

At the first you will fill in the most basic information about your shop.

After you save, Etsy will ask you the name of your shop. After you choose your shop name, Etsy will show you the name you choose is available or not. If not, Etsy will give you similar name options that you can use.

Etsy wants you to list at least one product. So I recommend you to have your photos ready before you open your shop. I’ll give you some information about how to list your products.

The most important thing during listing is the quality of your photos. If your product’s photos attracts people, it gets clicked. You can upload up to 5 photos. I advise you to read carefully everything that Etsy told you. Then you should write the name of your product. As with many websites, Etsy also works with keywords. Do not write just the product name when writing the product name. For example: Hannibal – Original Artwork / Dr. Hannibal Lecter – Mixed Painting On Hardboard – Cheap Unique Artwork – Mads Mikkelsen – Hannigram – Cannibalism – Will Graham ( 17×23 cm/ 6.6×9 inches) ✅. You should search for keywords related to your product and write it in the title section. Then you will answer the question ‘Who made it?’. You will choose between ‘I did’, ‘A member of my shop’ or ‘Another company or person’ sections. You will select one of the options ‘Finished product’ or ‘A supply or tool to make thing’ for the second question. And for the third question you will mark ‘Made to order’ section or the date on which the product was made. I recommend that you research what category your product belongs to.

Each listing costs are 0.20 USD.  You will pay 0.20 USD for presentation throughout 4 months. And this is a very affordable price.

You will fill in ‘Renewal options’ and ‘Type’ sections in this part.

In the description section, I suggest you introduce your product with details. ‘Section’ option is for those who wants to collect their products under different headings. In the ‘Tags’ option you will use the keywords I mentioned before. Then you will write the materials you use when you make your product. You will write the price of your product and how many pieces you have in the ‘Price’ and ‘Quantity’ options.

This option is good for you, if you have different varieties of products to sell. You can add many varieties from here.

You can change these settings at any time but I advise you to be careful as you will make your shipping settings for the first time.

You can offer free shipping to your customers. This will attract the customers. And will be persuasive.

If you save your settings as a shipping profile, it will look like this on your next lists. It will make it easier for you. These are my shipping profiles. Different shipping profiles for different sections.

And your listing is ready! You can make as many listings as you want at the first. Etsy will tell you to 10 listings are a great start.

Now you will write how you will get paid. You can use multiple payment systems. So you can be able to offer your customers more possibilities. You should write your information completely correct.

You almost opened your shop. There is only one step left. At the end, you’ll fill out your billing information. Etsy wants 0.20 USD for each listing that will remain in 4 months presentation. Also, you will pay commission of 3-4% to Etsy, when you make a sale. It does not cut off some of your money (its own commission rate). Etsy gives you all the money you earn. Etsy reflects its commission to your bill. There is no annual fee or any other fees. You must fill out your billing information completely correct. You will open your shop after completing this stage. Etsy will probably give you a some of free listings. But if you want to earn 40 free listings, you should open your shop from this link. ➡️ Earn 40 Free listings

You can ask your questions in the comments or contact section.

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