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Sensation – Steps of My Artwork – How to Make Unique Drawings

Hello, today I will tell you what steps my artwork has been through. I’ve already taken a video, so you can understand better. In this work, I have encountered some problems that I have not encountered in my other works. But it doesn’t matter, cause I have solved these problems.

First of all, I aim to put center the object in my every artworks. I have not succeeded about this issue at the first in this drawing. This was the problem I was talking about. In my mind I found a solution for this problem and continued to draw. I started to paint, after drawing the outlines. What you see at the beginning of the video is not a brush. It’s hedgehog thorn. A very functional material for fine details painting. I think there is no sharp lines in the art. Artist has the control. Sometimes things that seem to have no interest in painting can be very useful to you. It is all about your creativity.

I created the color I want on the palette. And I painted, using the brush in the same direction. Because we do not like scattered brush marks. We are careful about not to waste our paints. After that I made color transitions on the hair. Tonalities are very important in terms of picture vitality.

Then I created the color I want on the palette again. And I added the glitter into paint. In this way I got a glistening look after drying. Then I painted the lip and eyelid. And I painted the background. I did not paint the top completely. Because I had other plans for that part. This plan is related to the problem I mentioned at the beginning. I made attachments to the right and bottom parts of the wooden floor. I used cardboard for this. I covered the cardboard for a more aesthetic look. Thus I shifted the object to the center. Everything may not go as planned during drawing. But at this point you can improvise and create something different. And maybe you can create a better artwork than you planned.

I made color transitions to the parts I added. It is very difficult to achieve such a transition with a soft wire brush. So I used a hard wire brush. By the way, I used glitter on the eyelid too. I love shiny eye makeup. I changed the hair color as you see it. Too many changes occur during drawing. It is very normal for such things to happen at the time of inspiration. Even very beautiful.

We are so close to the end of the drawing. I clarified the lines passed through the layers of paint. There are advantages of using wood as a base. For example, carving a thin layer of overflowing paint, allows you to correct your mistake.

I continued to do tonalities on face. If you have just started painting, you can look at these examples first. Or you can draw as you like. It will also help you to find your own style. Art is the kind of expression of our inner world. So I’m being careful about not to say anything restrictive to you all. Set yourself free and wait for the end. I am sure that wonderful things will come out.

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Hope you like my artwork! Please don’t hesitate to share your comments and your thoughts.

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Betül Tatar

She is a young artist and designer. She writes articles about different topics. She also writes stories about her own artworks. Art is passion for her. The majority of her dreams are about art. She wants to be a world-famous painter.

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  • Stunning artwork. Thank you for sharing how you did it. It’s really a great and useful piece of information. I’m happy that you just shared this useful info with us. Please keep us informed like this.