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Special Spa Massage Types


The traditional Japanese treatment art means ‘finger pressure’. By this technique the pressure applied by hands stimulated the inner body and natural energies contained within the body circulation. Just as in the other eastern treatment methods, here too the ‘Chi’ or ‘Ki’ is being balanced. This revitalization balances the body, keeps it healthy, makes it breath and work right. The simple pressure techniques regulate the balance and support a more dense energy flow. Shiatsu is performed on the floor in comfortable attire. While the customer is breathing in balance, experts relaxes the stressed areas with her/his hands, knees and feet, removing the aches and discomfort.

La Stone Therapy

The La Stone therapy is a pretentious massage type based on the ancient Indian healing methods. The hot basalt and cold marble stones are placed upon the energy points of the body. With intense massage and the heat of the stones, the blood circulation in the tissues heightens up and the stubborn tensions are relieved. You will feel a lovely and deep relaxation and balance to your body and mind.


The movements of this massage performed with changeable and connected movements of the lower arm and the elbow, allow for the joints to relax, and the soul is freed and stimulate a deep relaxation feeling. These touches which are full of love and embracing the body, along with nice smelling warm body oils and accompanied by Hawaiian music makes you feel in safe hands and allows for a relaxation in every way.

Mix Massage

This is a mixture of the Shiatsu point pressures, pressure application on the muscles by means of hot stones, the treatment of activating the accumulated edema applied on lymphatic canals, where manipulations of the Far East are used.

The Turkish Bath (Hamam)

The Turkish bath session is an oriental ritual with its eastern type of comfort, which performs the art of pampering a body in the best manner. You will enjoy the taste of exotic aromas and the prevailing heat in an atmosphere that was enjoyed by ancient sultans. In a hamam, you leave your daily life outside. Here are some different hamam sessions.

  • Şehrazat Care
  • Bath Glove and Foam Massage
  • VIP Turkish Hamam
  • Golden Body Peeling
  • Coffee Body Peeling
  • Body Peeling with Sugar and Salt

Mandara Massage

The Spa specific Mandara is performed by two therapists working together in rhythmic harmony. This massage combines 5 different massage styles consisting of the Japanese Shiatsu, Thai massage, Lomi Lomi, Swedish and Balinese massages which promote pure pleasure in mind.

Traditional Bali Massage

Originating from Bali, this is a deep pressure massage using medium-depth strokes and pressure points to reach below the superficial muscle layers. This massage helps to balance the energy centers and improve integration of your internal systems. To complement the massage techniques, blended oil is applied which has balancing properties that help relieve muscular tension and provides a sense of well-being. This massage is made in comfortable attire. The body’s energy points are stimulated in order to balance the health of body and mind. It is an energetic treatment on a floor mat.

Golf Massage

A type of massage which is partly creative and, on the other hand, relaxing. The main purpose of this massage is to speed up the blood circulation. It eliminates muscle aches and ensures that any accumulated lactic acid is discharged from the bodly easily. It is applied by a deep special sports massage techniques on the nerves and the spines, and the muscles are revitalized and the muscular functions are measured. Arm aches and leg aches etc. resulting from playing tennis, golf and other sports are treated.

The Foot Reflex Area Massage

A concentrated foot massage applied with a special massaging technique. Through the reflex points on the feet, the whole of the body and the organs are reached. The energy blockages are removed and the strenght points of the body, which contribute to the self-treatment phase of the body, are activated.

Manual Lymph Drainage

The purpose of the lymph drainage is to reactivate the body’s lymph system. The lymph doesn’t only have the effect of discharging the water in the body, softening it and removing toxins, but it is also the carrier of the whole defense system of the organism. It is effective for heavily laden legs, cellulites, vertigo and headaches. It relaxes the immunity system and strengthens it, allows for cell renewal.

Thai Massage

This massage treatment entirely applies stretching and pressing movements on the body’s muscles that are used less, and thus increases the pumping of blood and the muscle elasticity.


It exceptionally relaxes the body, the soul and the mind. It is a perfect body massage made suitable to your choice eith Ayurveda oils. This traditional massage, by stimulating the energy channels in the organism, activates the blood circulation and the energy flow, strengthens the defense mechanism of the body and helps remove the toxins from the body.


A combination of Abhyanga and Shirodhara for relaxation. A massage that, with the application of hot olive oil, relaxes and revitalizes your body, mind and soul. It soothes the nerve system, revitalizes your feelings and cleanses up your energy canals and make them work.


Ayurveda is the ancient Indian style healing art. With its relaxing body cares and massage technique, Ayurveda becomes an unique adventure. The meaning of Ayurveda is ‘science of life’. The secret of beauty care is explained as ‘healing instruments and healing methods’. At the basis of this ancient Indian healing art that has been applied for more than a thousand years lies the harmonious integration of the body, mind and spirit. Ayurveda, while showing an orderly style of living, preventing and getting rid of illnesses with suitable nutrition on the one hand, it provides for physical fitness on the other hand.


The unique Ayurveda oil that positively affects the central nerve system and removes symptoms due to stress, insomnia and headaches. The hot Ayurveda oil is poured slowly and under control over the ‘Ajna’ (the temple chakra) and afterwards over the ‘Sahasrara’ (the crown chakra) and it leaves a relaxing and calming effect.


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