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Right Known Mistakes During Diet

There are many populer thoughts about ways to lose weight. But some of them may not be useful to you. And it may be better for you to ignore them. Where do you get your nutritional advice? I wish everyone who wants to diet to get professional help. But it does not. In the media has endless nutrition advice and new fashion diet lists. Some of them safe, some of not safe. But ıf you know someone who has successfully lost weight, it is very natural to take advice from her/him. I don’t say that you should not get advice. On the contrary it is good to be curious. Researching from different sources may lead to success to you. But you may believe they are real when you hear the same advice oftenly. Whereas you can hear a specific nutritional recommendation oftenly. But that does not mean it’s right for you.

Five Popular Recommendations That Should Be Ignored

‘Do not eat anything after 7 pm.’ They give up night snacks. That is the reason why people lose weight when they stop eat after 7pm.

? ‘Calorie is calorie.’ This recommendation suggests that what you eat doesn’t matter. Of course ıt’s matter. Quality of diet is vital.

? ‘Do not snack.’ The reason why the snack has a bad reputation is that people associate the snack with fatty chips, muffins, and carbonated beverages. But there are nutritious, healthy snacks.

? ‘Fat makes you fat.’ It has long been believed that eating fat will cause you to gain weight and fat. This isn’t entirely true. There are good fats that can truly speed up the weight loss process. For example; the fat found in fish, nuts and olives can help encourage fat burning due to their omega-3 content.

? ‘Determine a low-carbohydrate diet.’ Of course too many carbohydrate in your diet can promote weight gain, however your body needs carbohydrates as it uses them as an energy source. A low-carbohydrate diet may not provide enough energy for your lifestyle.

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