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Queen Nefertiti – Process of Drawing – How Did I Create This Work

Ancient Egypt is the most interesting empire between the dominant civilizations throughout history. If you ask why I admire ancient Egypt, I can count many reasons. Their artistic insights, beliefs, buildings, still unresolved secrets…etc.

Ancient Egyptian art has always inspired me. So I wanted to make it a part of my art. I have analysed the sculpture of the Queen Nefertiti still standing today. Then I researched about the different Pharaohs and Cleopatra. As a result of my research, I blended all the characteristic features. I prepared a sketch in the direction of my plan. But believe me the current work is very different from sketch. Even if I do it within a drawing plan, the artwork changes a lot during drawing. I think the only thing that will get this situation clear is the inspiration.

I always handle a general symmetry in my works. And I create my lines and shadings by following this symmetry. When I finished my image, I started to paint the background. I wanted to get papyrus effect at the background. So, I used the brush stroke as I can create this effect. There were bands on the edges of hardboard while painting the background. Because I had a plan for the edges.

I removed the bands after the paint dried. I had a long research process for the edges. I thought the hieroglyphs to be drawn should be real and meaningful. So I quoted from the original one. I carefully drawn these hieroglyphs and I carved the wood. In the meantime I also carved some parts of my fingers. For me it was difficult. Because it is a detailed job and a controlled pressure must be applied. But it does not matter because it was worth it.

I colorized hieroglyphics for emphasize after carved them. And finally I repeated the painting process to increase the permanence of the paint.

I hope you like it! Please don’t hesitate to share your comments.

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