Practical and Healthy Nutrition Advices for Busy Workers

The habit of continuing to work with unhealthy food at the office (or somewhere else you work), leads us to the consumption of snacks. This causes to feel us hungry in short time. I would like to share with you practical and healthy nutrition recommendations for busy workers.

Consume almond, walnut, dried apricots in the mornings.

We can pamper ourselves with almonds, walnuts, dried apricots, figs or prunes instead of bagels and tea/ coffee (with sugar) when we go to work in the mornings. A normal sized bagel is almost same with 4 slices of bread. Eaten half bagel every day will cause us to get 2-4 kilo extra at the end of the year.

Prepare healthy aperitifs for yourself.

Slice the carrots, which you washed and put them in the fridge last night. Prepare cucumbers for the same process. Besides prepare low-calorie crackers that are easy to digest. And accompanying low-fat cheese slices, seasonal fruits will protect us from unhealthy junk foods when we get hungry during the day. We can make our bodies and minds more energetic by choosing alternatives with high water and vitamin levels. At the same time we can strengthen our immune system.

Stay away from oily, heavy fries and excessive carbonhydrate.

We should stay away from fatty fries and high-calorie carbohydrates at lunch. A nice salad, low fat yogurt and meatballs seem to be a very good option for lunch.

Take care of what you ate while socializing with your colleagues.

It is almost impossible to keep ourselves from these while everyone is eating and drinking at work. We should try to stay away from unhealthy snacks in such situations.

Make arrangements for the next day by taking 5 minutes from the previous night.

We can prepare delicious foods in 5 minutes in mornings with the ingredients that we prepared from the previous night. For example low-fat cheese on whole wheat bread slices, fresh tomatoes, rice, pasta stored in the fridge, or low-fat yogurt with a variety of olive oil meals are an example of healthy and practical meal.

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