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Needle Lace (Turkish Oya) – How to Make a Eye Needle Lace Necklace?

What is ‘Oya’ ?

Needle lace, named as ‘oya’ in Turkish culture. It is the symbol of delicacy, patience and beauty. A very old tradition and used in almost everywhere, scarves, jewelries, home decor… etc. It is made of hundreds of stitches & knots by using a very thin needle and thread. You need a great patience to make it, that’s why it is so special.

Required Materials

?️ Needle

?️ Oya Yarn

?️ Wood Beads

?️ Metal Stamps

?️ Necklace Clips

?️ Eye-Shaped Metal Material

First of all, we started to knit in the pupil. After finishing the pupil, we started to knit the iris. We provided the iris color transition with two different oya yarns. With ice blue and blue. Then we started to knit the sclera. We took care to knit in such a way that it fits into the Eye-Shaped Metal Material at the same time. Then we ended up knitting the eye with the black strip. And we placed the eye inside the eye-shaped material. And we put the metal stamps in the spaces under the eye-shaped material. Our pendant is ready. We knitted also the necklace handle. You can use another necklace handle located in your home.

We designed the necklace handle adjustable. You can use it as a choker (neckband), or you can use as a normal necklace size. You can even use it as a long necklace. We also made bracelets using the same eye design.

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Hope you like it! Please don’t hesitate to share your comments and your thoughts.

While Knitting Pupil
While Knitting Eye Sclera
While Taking a Black Strip Around the Eyes
While Laying Stamps
While Knitting Necklace Handle
While Attaching Wooden Beads


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