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Needle Lace – How to Make a Half-Moon Efe Oya Necklace?

What is ‘Oya’ ?

Needle lace, named as ‘oya’ in Turkish culture. It is the symbol of delicacy, patience and beauty. A very old tradition and used in almost everywhere, scarves, jewelries, home decor… etc. It is made of hundreds of stitches & knots by using a very thin needle and thread. You need a great patience to make it, that’s why it is so special. We can say that it is a modernized version of a traditional style for needle lace jewelries. Efe Oya is applied in moon and half moon forms. It is a traditional knitting variety that reaches from the old times to today. These needle lace necklaces, which have many different varieties, used frequently in recent times. I am gonna tell you how we made a half-moon Efe Oya Necklace.

Required Materials

  • Fabric
  • Needle
  • Stamps
  • Oya Yarn
  • Necklace Clips
  • Metal Materials

First of all we knitted a small handle and 2 triangles. Then we knitted a thin strip under the triangles. We knitted 4 more triangles backs to the back. We knitted a thin strip and 8 triangles underneath the second part. These triangles are knitted individually and proportionally in each part. The distance between the triangles must be equal.

If we wanted to enlarge this necklace, we would process 2 times the number of the previous triangle in each half circle. The pattern would continue 2x. We started to knit the teeths at the farthest end of the pendant, after knitting the third half circle and thin strip. In this part we used 12 triangles in smaller size. And we added stamps to the end of the teeths (end of the little triangles). We added the pendant to the end of the metal material. We choosed the appropriate chiffon fabric color as the necklace handle. You can use different fabric types according to your preference. We finished our necklace by attaching clips.

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Hope you like it! Please don’t hesitate to share your comments and your thoughts.

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