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Love Dilemma – Women Often Find Themselves to Be Between Two Men

Women often find themselves to be between two men. It can be a really flattering thing, but at the same time very confusing. Especially when men are blinded by their love for her and are incapable of seeing how this “interest” in her will do them more harm than good.

They can’t see that women are sensitive to attraction, so while they are trying to do what is right, they tend to let this type of situation carry on until things get very complicated. This is often described as every woman’s dark side, when in fact its simply an inner dilemma inside of her she can not control.

About Artwork

? It was drawn to the hardboard.

? When my drawing was done, it was varnished. I did that for the purpose of both protecting the piece and adding the visual effect.

? I put the cardboard on the back of a hardboard.

? My sister is a doctor and she brings me tongue depressors for several of my art projects. A material entirely made of wood. I did the frame with them and then I painted them with acrylic color.

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