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Lady ın Pink – How Simple Fabric Can Change a Person?

I think people can easily misled each other. The clothes are perfect for this job. I mean, I think the most important thing to misled people is our clothes. Clothes can change people at a glance. I’m not saying that in a bad sense. Of course in the eyes of others. They can never change our identity. But they can make us turn into something we want to be for a moment. We all have thought about turning into something different from ourselves sometimes. I confess I sometimes think of it. I must have created this artwork in one of these moments. Actually this is an old work and I can see more detail when I look at it now.


Isn’t it amazing how some simple fabric can be turned into a powerfull dress that can actually change a person?


I would like you to meet this girl, just an average girl like all of us (like me). But tonight she put this dress on and she is so much more than just a girl. It makes her feel noble and elegant and makes her respect herself in every possible way like a royal princess. Her face expresses, both astonishment and momentary happiness. I am fascinated by how “just a dress” can bring out our own Cinderella story into the real world. I just wanted to share this story with you all.

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Hope you like my unique artwork! Please don’t hesitate to share your comments and your thoughts.

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She is a young artist and designer. She writes articles about different topics. She also writes stories about her own artworks. Art is passion for her. The majority of her dreams are about art. She wants to be a world-famous painter.

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