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Gilindire Cave Natural Monument – Mirror Lake

Located within the boundaries of the province of Mersin district of Aydıncık, Gilindire cave is a fossil cave, about 45 meters above the inlet on the slope and the horizontal from the beach. The cave is total 555 meters long and it has developed in Turkey Cambrian aged rocks, cave is one of three known ones. The Cave’s total area is 107 hectares and reaches a depth of 46 meters and Gilindire Cave has been declared as ‘Natural Monument’ with the approval of Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs dated 08.06.2013 numbered 1656 decision. Gilindire Cave Natural Monument 450 meters from the inlet of horizontal extension of the main gallery, a large lake and then comes to an end.

Gilindire Cave Natural Monument, stalactites, stalagmites, columns can be seen in as many caves as well as scenes of formation, cave pearls, flag formations such as travertine and shower head examples are worth seeing. But beyond all these formations Gilindire Cave Natural Monument is a hidden treasure apart from other caves.

Mirror Lake

Mirror Lake’s water level is located approximately at -47 m level. Caves below sea level so that the itis continued. The cave that leads to the formation of ‘karstification’ actually ends above the sea level. Karst, in other words the cave is causing the formation geological events above sea level ended given that. Below sea level inner cave formations will be seen in the cave deeper continuation Gilindire Cave after the formation of rising sea levels, with the majority inundated shows that. So, for the below sea level cave, stalactite- stalagmite formation do not take place as speleote.

Indeed Gilindire Cave at the end of the lake, the Quaternary (fourth age) at the beginning of the recent global climate change, post-glacial the transition of the Mediterranean sea about 70 feet of elevation formed by the cave this last part of the water remained below.

-12 meters from the surface of the lake in the cave until the brackish, lower than -12 meters altitude decreases are observed in the presence of seawater. This change in the hydrological regime, with stalactite- stalagmite cave formations such as found in this segment remained under water, unaffected by atmospheric changes that has been reached today. Formations under water, global climate change is certain to be formed before and all on site glacial period in the previous hydrological/ atmospheric data were reserved.

With these characteristics, which took place in Aydıncık Gilindire Cave in the Eastern Mediterranean on recent climate change ( Eastern Europe, Middle East and the Balkans)is the only registration point.

That one and only Gilindire Cave Natural Monument is a cave of international importance from a scientific perspective.


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