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Get Rid of Your Old Makeup Products and Enjoy a Balanced Beauty Regime

If you have looked at your makeup items recently and you realize how many products you have accumulated, it is time to say goodbye with some of these products. You can use the following simple tips while you throw away your makeup items.

What is written on the packaging?

If the manufacturer has specified an expiry date, consider this.

If it smells bad, it’s bad.

If a product starts to smell heavy and uncomfortable, it means there is a problem. Throw away immediately.

The change in the consistency of the product is a sign.

If the products are hardened, thinned, lumped or scattered, it is time to throw them away.

Check the color of your makeup products.

Color changes usually indicate that the product is broken.

Mascara  It has 2-3 months life. If it looks dry and lumpy, it indicates that this product is defective.

Eyeliner ➡ Liquid eyeliner is available for a maximum of 6-9 months. If you observe changes in products, throw them away immediately. If you want a long-lasting product, choose the eye pencil. Eye pencils have a life time of about 2 years. But you should not forget to put on its covers.

Foundation ➡ The shelf life of liquid foundations varies between 8-12 months. The life of powder foundations is 6-12 months. If your product starts to disperse, if it is not applied comfortably or if it looks different after it is applied, you should throw it away. I suggest you to use the foundations in pumped bottles. These products have more life.

Concealer ➡ Liquid concealers last up to a year. Powder concealers and stick concealers last a little longer.

Blusher, bronzer and eyeshadow ➡ Liquid and cream products can be used for about 1 year. Whereas powder products can be used for up to 3 years. If the colors start to fade or do not look the same on your skin, then there is a problem.

Lip products ➡ A lip product lasts 2 years in the best conditions. Be careful of cold sore and other similar health problems. In this case the lip product can be contaminating even after a single application.

Few important alerts:

Never share your makeup supplies with other people. Because it can cause to possible skin problems.

? Choose smaller sized products to use the full of it before the expiration date. These types of products also provide convenience during travel.

? Cause of irritation and acne on the skin can be your makeup materials. Try to keep your makeup materials and brushes clean.

? The temperature of the environment in which your makeup materials are located is very important. Temperature can easily deform your makeup products.

Re-adapted using the knowledge of Jacquie Carter.

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