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Facial Treatment Types – Skin Care Methods

Gold Facial Treatment

Combines the rich contents of gold with its natural curative power and thus provides a shining, brightly clean skin… Gold slows down collagen depletion and the breakdown of elastin to prevent sagging skin, stimulates cellular growth of the basal layer to regenerate healthy, firm skin cells and provide a tightening effect. It lessens the damage caused by the sun and the appearance of old-age spots, fights the free radicals harming the skin and thus helps to prevent the early ageing of the skin. At the same time, it ensures the storing of moisture and makes the skin look smooth and soft. Its properties and advantages are as follows:

? Reduces thin hairlines and wrinkledness

? Increases the skin’s own natural moisturing capacity

? Moisturizes and nourishes as soon as it touches the skin

? It protects the level of moisture and makes the skin look softer and more elastic

Firming Mask (Face and Neck Firming Mask)

It provides intensive moisture to the skin by means of components such as Algae, Menthol and Spirilune contained by it. Ensures a healthy reproduction and reconditioning of the cells. Spirilune increases the fibroblast amount of the skin, firms it and provides a sense of freshness. It is an antiseptic product. It stimulates the blood circulation.

Meso-Vit-Anti-Wrinkle Repair Treatment

This treatment designed for all ladies, who suffer from skin impurities, wrinkles, pigment stains, hypersensitivity and slack skin, helps the skin to recover its youth and shine. After the medical mesotherapy sessions, a fast calming and curing process is applied to the skin and thus it provides supportive effects to medical applications. This treatment aims at the reconstruction of the skin supported by vitamins A, E and C, which are known for their skin-curative effect, the stimulation of the fibroblast synthesis, antioxidant effect, hyaluronic acid production, ensuring hydration and protecting the skin against UVA/ UVB beams. Mesotherapy is effective by facilitating its subcutaneous penetration by imitating micro injections, ‘Micro Pick’ and ‘Skinjector’ apparatus, nano particles and vitamins, micro injections.

Energy Lift Morpho – Lifting Firming Skin Treatment

An innovative and amazing method: Lifting + Reshaping. The fat accumulation at the face may have several reasons: weight, fatigue, pregnancy, hormonal variations, the natural shape of the face. Intense time, subcutaneous fat layers cause downward sagging of the face. At the present day, it is possible to slow down the production of subcutaneous fats and to increase the production of collagen which ensures a firmer skin. Reduces inherent fat cells; visibly reshapes the contours of the face.

Morpho Fill Mask: Refreshing/ Revitalizing

By the cold structure of the mask, a light freshness comes up, it helps the diffusion of the sinuses, reduces head aches, provides relaxation around the eyes and at the forehead.

Bio-Optic Eye Contour Treatment

The skin on the eye contour I very thin and it certainly is the most sensitive area of the face. The eye contour is exposed to many impacts: frequently dense make-up, intense lighting. Moreover, the eye reacts very rapidly to tiredness and its effects can be seen on the skin through the outbreak of rings or bags under the eyes. The eye contour therefore needs early and continues treatment.

Fresh Caviar Anti-Ageing Treatment

Fresh Caviar – the first frozen skin care product containing fresh caviar cells. Intense regeneration treatment designed for mature as well as devitalized skin. The Fresh Caviar treatment fully benefits from all caviar benefits on the skin to fight against premature ageing. The requirements such as moisturizing, nutrition and firming, which have to be available on the main lines of the skin, have been included in these three steps treatment to bring an in-depth stimulation of cell metabolism and the essential nutrients to maintain a young looking skin.

Mediterranean Mask (Nourishing Mediterranean Mask)

This mask balances the skin’s moisture level, provides elasticity to the epidermis. It moisturizes, softens, soothes the skin and delays aging by protecting it against free radicals. It is effective against external factors. It is a strong antioxidant. It protects the cells and makes it stay young forever.

Vitamin Mask – Acerol C (Anti-Stress Mask With Vitamin C)

It nourishes and refreshes the skin before and after its exposure to the sun, in cases where a nice look and vitality is urgently required, and removes the skin’s tired-off appearance resulting from any stress, fatigue, illness, use of medicine. This vitamin bar mask, which is rich in terms of sea and vegetable minerals and vitamins, is an ideal product for the treatment of fatigue and faint skin due to factors such as smoking and stress. It is regulating the pH level, blocking moisture, highly reconstructive and nourishing to the epidermis. It is effective on noticeable pores and stains. It provides relaxation and coolness to the skin. Speeds up blood circulation.

Deep Purifying Facial Treatment

This is personal treatment with seaweed in pure micro-granular form suitable for all skin types.  Moisturizes and gives a silky look. The skin is cleansed and supplied with essential minerals, elements and vitamins. The facial treatment includes cleansing, peeling, steaming, deep skin cleansing, special mask and finishing care. 

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