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Desire – Feelings and Emotions are Easily Addicted to Things That Heal Your Body and Soul

Feelings and emotions are easily addicted to things that heal your body and soul. You know what that is, when you find yourself being manipulated by all your senses in such way that guides you towards it.

You see it when it’s not in front of you.

You taste it when it’s not in your mouth.

You feel it when it’s not near you.

You can inhale it in the air, even if it’s something not real.

Desire can become so intense that turns your needs into reality. So now, close your eyes and just dream about her/him. What you imagine is very close to you.

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Betül Tatar

She is a young artist and designer. She writes articles about different topics. She also writes stories about her own artworks. Art is passion for her. The majority of her dreams are about art. She wants to be a world-famous painter.

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