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Chakra – Third Eye is a Natural Part of Every Person

The Third Eye is a natural part of every person. One way to think of it is as a “meta” organ that consists of your mind and all of your senses working together as a larger, more powerful sensory organ. The Third Eye is a very clever bit of natural evolution that allows you to see the patterns in your life. Even more amazingly, your third eye can reveal these patterns to you by overlaying this information on top of your other senses.

If life has taught me anything I can say without a doubt, it is that every single person is unique. People are different in an endless amount of ways, both inside and outside.

Some judge others by the way they look and some by the way they act. Unfortunately everyone focuses too much on others and not enough on themselves. To be able to balance your inner chakras and find peace within yourself is the first step to be able to find peace in others too.

Our spiritual pressence has always intrigued me. I don’t know much to say about ‘Chakra’. Actually it’s explains a lot of things. But one interesting I want to share with you about my feelings while drawing ‘Chakra’. Initially my head was confused, then it suddenly happened. I did not understand how the time went by and the result was this fascinating painting. It’s funny how our spirit comes to life when we open our minds to it.

I worked on this artwork quite a lot. This painting was drawn on hardboard and the fabric is coated tableau. I used acrylic color and spray varnish on frame. I used gouache and water color for the background. I used the diamond like red stone on the third eye to draw attention to it.

You can buy this artwork on my Etsy Shop.

This is a unique piece of work. I hope you like it! Please don’t hesitate to share your comments.

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She is a young artist and designer. She writes articles about different topics. She also writes stories about her own artworks. Art is passion for her. The majority of her dreams are about art. She wants to be a world-famous painter.

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