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Body Treatment Types

Insulinol Cellulite Diet Treatment – Slimming Treatment

Prevents fat accumulation in adipocytes, reduces appearance of damaged capillaries, repairs the structure of damaged skin tissues on hips and thighs. Hydydromyriceline plays a role on the metabolism of adipocytes. Reduces size of adipocytes by acting on the lipolysis and lipogenesis; fights stocks of fat. Due to reduction of adipogenesis it prevents formation of new adipocytes and facilitates fat absorption.

Slim & Lift Slimming and Firming Treatment

Facilitates slimming and firming actions, repairs vascular system and damaged tissue fibers. By means of this treatment, it effects the fat formation process at an early stage and stimulates collagen synthesis that supports the reduction of fat production. Reduces the appearance of stretch marks and capillaries on the skin surface, protects vascular system by preventing capillary damages. The firming and slimming of the body becomes clearly visible.

Aqua – Thermy Algae Treatment

Energizing and slimming algae body treatment. Stimulates fat burning processes, speeds up cellular renewal and regulates their breathing. Gives energy and revitalizes the body by means of basics contents from the sea. The sea algae applied by wrapping, yields excellent results in losing weight. Recommended for those who are weary and exhausted, when the body or mind cannot keep up the pace in daily life. Reviving and invigorating, this treatment rapidly provides a feeling of well-being. Weariness vanishes and the body restores its strenght.

Green Tea Body Ritual

In time, substances which we call toxins may gradually accumulate in the body and give rise to various serious diseases. Whereas, toxic wastes cause enormous destruction damages in our body. Green tea improves blood circulation, stimulates and increases conveyance of oxygen to the cells, and strengthens and improves health condition of the body. Moreover, green tea provides antioxidant effect, nourishes the skin and delays ageing of the skin.

Red Wine Body Ritual

Grape extracts contained in wine are of immeasurable use to our body and skin. In the Middle Ages, European aristocrats maintained their skin in healthy condition by means of wine, i.e. grape extracts. First of all, wine is an excellent antioxidant that protects skin. Antioxidant components neutralize harmful substances (free radicals) that enter the body via polluted air, alcohol, and smoking or as a result of chemical reactions. Antioxidant action of grape extract is 20 times stronger than the one obtained from Vitamin E. Polyphenol contained in wine is known as the strongest anti-oxidizing agent.

Pomegranate Body Ritual

From Greek mythology, Bible and paintings of renaissance period we can see that in the past pomegranate was used in the work of numerous artists and philosophers. In ancient times, the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans used seeds of this fruit in the color of wine, which reminded of the gem stone (ruby), mainly for medical purposes. Along with reviving action, grape extracts strengthen the effect of sunscreen products.

Salt Body Peeling

This treatment made with the Salt Body Peeling product is applied to peel the body off from its dead cells. In treatments applied on cleansed and renewed skin, it supports the products to be absorbed more easily and increases the endurance of the skin. Supported by the valuable minerals of the sea and iron, it balances the moisture level of the skin and prepares the skin for the other treatments.

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