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Anorexia is Known as a Populer Disease of Our Time

Many people ask, what is anorexia? Anorexia nervosa is a psychiatric illness characterized by maintaining a low body weight, caloric restriction, and body dissatisfaction. Often times, people suffering from anorexia experience a distorted body image, seeing themselves as overweight even when they are significantly underweight. Anorexia nervosa can also be accompanied by binge eating and purging.

It is ordinarily acknowledged that AN is all the more every now and again analyzed in females over the ages. In any case, late populace examines propose that in teenagers, there are an equivalent number of guys and females experiencing this disease.

➶ Anorexia is known as a populer disease of our time. Girls are suffering to become more beautiful based on the fashion industry’s guidelines. All they are trying to do is to imitate the others, especially what they see in photos that have been digitally manipulated, and they end up suffering and damaging their health. The pain they go through pushes them into great darkness that can only end up in tragedy. It’s called Depression!

➶ The arrows in the waist, show the exact symbol of torture to be taken for a thin waist.

➶ The hair that is cut is also a symbol of depression.

➶ I wish all the girls going through something like this know one thing: “You are beautiful as you are, be yourself!”

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